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Climate Control

Why temperature control?
Lutron light and shade controls have always saved energy. Now they have expanded their energy-saving products beyond light and shades to climate control.  Lutron temperature controls are designed to work in conjunction with our total home control systems and provide convenience, flexibility and energy savings in an aesthetically pleasing design.  In addition, Gecko incorporates the HVAC functionality into the easy to use control application for the entire home's system for your Iphone, Droid, touchpanels and hand-held remotes.  

Saving energy with temperature control
Heating and cooling accounts for more than 40% of a typical home’s energy use. Controlling temperature with a programmable thermostat can help you save 16% of the energy used on HVAC.*

Two thermostat options
Lutron offers two thermostat options—an all-in-one design, and a 3-part solution.  Whether you choose the familiar look of an on-wall touchscreen thermostat, or opt to minimize the visible equipment with the HVAC controller and wireless temperature sensor, you'll enjoy the same great system features and benefits.

TouchPRO Wireless™ thermostat
An all-in-one solution that combines the trusted Honeywell brand with Lutron innovation. It looks like a conventional thermostat, is easy to install and program, and is a simple way to add temperature control to a Lutron® total home control system.  The TouchPRO Wireless is compatible with seeTemp™ wall controls, making it easy to add additional points of control.

3-part thermostat
An out of view HVAC controller replaces the wall-mounted thermostat. It communicates with a wireless temperature sensor and seeTemp wall controls via Clear Connect™ RF technology to simplify installation and ensure reliable operation.

seeTouch® keypads
Include temperature control in whole-home scenes like a “Goodnight” scene. When you press the “Goodnight” button the lights turn off and temperature sets back a few degrees to save energy overnight.

While you’re away
If you’re going on vacation, your system can run a series of lighting events that make your home look occupied. It can also maintain an energy-saving set point.

Occupancy/vacancy sensors
Lutron’s Radio Powr Savr™ occupancy sensors can select a set point when a space is occupied, and another when the space is vacant, automatically saving energy when no one is around.

HVAC schedule
Automatically control your temperature to save energy using the 7-day, 4-event HVAC schedule. The schedule includes recommended settings to save energy and maintain comfort.

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