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It's said the third time is a charm--and this is so true when it comes to our home theater set up. After nearly two years and two so-called home theater specialists later, our system finally works the way it should work--and in a way it wasn't even designed to work.  
Adapting what others have installed is always difficult, but Randy, Sergio and the rest of the crew met the challenge with flying colors.    For the first time since moving to Austin, we have a remote control that operates each and every component of our home theater system--both inside and outside.  
Gecko Media Systems even tweaked the speaker system, which is now producing clear, clean and crisp sound. Although we don't have a true "surround-sound" system, Gecko tinkered and tweaked things to replicate a surround-sound experience.  
The difference between Gecko and others, in our opinion, comes down to:  
--Commitment and follow up (until the customer and Gecko is satisfied)
--Pride of workmanship  
--Tom & Diane Rizzo

Gecko Does It Right
I have had the opportunity to work with Randy, David and the team at Gecko on two projects.  The projects are both great, and I would fully recommend their work to anyone who wants a great product at a fair price.  Gecko will stay until the job is done and will stand behind their work after the project is complete.  
One of the things that impressed me most is the ability to have one remote run multiple systems.  Gecko was able to program remotes in a user friendly way that allows me to run multiple sources in four rooms, along with a whole house music system…all from one remote.   The remote works seamlessly through an RF system that allows all my components to be "hidden" in a remote location.  This allows for a super-clean look while functioning just like the components are right there in the same room.  Fantastic.
Gecko is also proficient in large media projects.  They installed a projector, screen, and sound system which made a media room that is second to none.   There is a simple to use remote that can control everything in the room.  The macros allow for one button control over any activity you want to do.
Overall, I would recommend Gecko Media to anyone who is looking for the best in audio/video installation and distribution.
Jeff Burdett     Director of Government Affairs     Texas Cable Association

Mr. Smith and Gecko Media Systems,
The Stony Point Football team would like to thank you for the video installation you did for us this fall.  We were able to double our video stations and become a lot more efficient without having to buy a ton of new hardware.  This was a huge savings to us and a big help.  There is no doubt it contributed to us going 13-2.  This was expected because that is what you were hired to do.  What was not expected was how above and beyond you went with your support and your work with Digital Sports Video to get us going in an almost impossible time frame that we gave you.  Also, the continued support you have given us over the last few years that is above and beyond anything we can find with the bigger companies is priceless.  We would definitely recommend you to anyone that has any video needs.  Thanks again and we look forward to doing business with Gecko again.
Thank you,
Sam Robinson     Video Coordinator     Stony Point High School

Thanks a lot for setting up our network on short notice - and getting us help with the move. We are already up and running…
Best regards,
Gunnar Nordahl PMP
Director, US Operations

"I called Gecko Media to do an install for a flat panel and to set up our in-wall surround sound and patio speakers. After consultation, we were able to get set up with exactly what we needed plus a radio frequency command system that tied our whole system together seamlessly. The level of workmanship was great and I was very happy to be fit into a system that did exactly as much as we needed without features that would go untouched."
Cody L.

Hi Randy and Taras,

First, I just wanted to say that the system has been working quite smoothly for several weeks now. Thank you (and your team) for all you have done and your extra efforts! I know it hasn't been easy, and your commitment to making it work has not gone unnoticed. You have a very nice, hard-working, courteous group of people that have been a pleasure to work with.

Thanks, kind regards,

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