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Video Displays

Video Displays:  It would be hard to find a company with more experience installing video panels, digital signage, and projection screens, both indoors and outdoors, than Gecko!  Because our goal has always been to blend media with decor we never take the easy way out.  Most of the brackets we utilize are custom fabricated to better accommodate the diverse situations encountered when integrating an elegant home.  

We work with cabinet makers, home owners and builders to provide engineering drawings so that video panels basically vanish into the walls and wherever else you may dream up as being the perfect location to watch video.  Because our systems our centrally distributed there is no need to worry about the equipment being in close proximity to the display.  In other words, when considering where to put a TV all you have to do is imagine the most convenient and appealing location where you would like video and we can get it there!  Our industry depth in both commercial and residential environments makes us the company of choice when selecting an integrations firm to design and integrate your project. I experience is extensive for large distributed digital signage projects, commercial buildings, schools, sports bars, medical and dental offices, conference rooms, convenient stores, restaurants and, of course, hundreds of residential applications.  Below is a gallery of just a few of the installation we have completed.

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